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Dude, your sound is incredibly unique. How would you describe your sound?

Thank you - that’s the best compliment. You said it perfectly already - I think it’s unique. 

But if I had to elaborate, overall my sound is dark. My lyrics are mostly emotional, depressing, sexual, confronting, and honest. The topics I write and sing about are mainly love and relationships, mental health, drug and other types of abuse. I love using textural or cinematic sounds too (like rain, dialogue, knife/sword slashing, telephone ringing, etc.). 

I don’t think I fit exactly into one genre, but R&B, Hip-Hop, Trap, Trapsoul, Alternative R&B, Alternative Pop, are some that come to mind. And lastly, there’s a huge list of artists that I look up to and who influence my sound, but I’ll let you figure out who they might be after you’ve heard my stuff.

Would you say your sound matches your style?

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100%. I pretty much only wear black and like I said before, my sound is dark. I also like to layer a lot of my clothing, and if you dive a little deeper into the sounds/lyrics I use - there’s plenty of layers to my songs. So both my style and songs are perfect for winter. 

Who are some of your style inspirations?

To be completely honest, there’s nobody in particular that I really look to for style inspiration. It’s mainly groups of people like famous musicians (R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock), actors, designers, models, and athletes (NFL, NBA, Soccer players). Pretty much every single person I’ve ever seen/met but they gotta be unique or innovative. Then when I see something that I really dig, I’ll find a way to put my own flavour/twist on it. That’s what having style is.

What image are you trying to show through your social media? In other words, who is SXINT P?

I think if you try and show an image through social media or whatever platform, people can tell you’re faking it straight away. Your audience deserves better than that - they ain’t dumb.

So there’s no real image I’m trying to portray. Just trying to be the realest and rawest version of me as possible. I’ve always hidden the depressed/anxious side of me (in my everyday life) because it makes people uncomfortable and who wants to be around someone miserable? 

I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that, which is why I do what I do. To answer your question, SXINT P is someone who wants to reach as many people as possible and show them that they are not alone. We all have our demons, so it’s ok to feel the way you do - you don’t have to be ashamed or hide it. Reach out and ask for help if you need it.

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How did you get your name?

I love this question. I used to go by my birth name, but I realised there’s probably millions of people with that same name. I wanted something that only I had, so earlier this year I just said ‘fuck it’ and stayed up all night thinking of a new name. I probably had a list of 50-100 names but they all had to have SP as the initials (I’d already sold merch with my SP logo on it, so it’d be unfair to those who bought).

It got to like 7AM, when I came up with Saint P which sounds sick, but that was already taken. So I changed the ‘A’ to a ‘X’ and that shit looks fire. One of those moments where you just knew. The X and I in my name also makes 11 in Roman numerals, which is my birth month (November). Everything aligned and it was perfect, fits well with the direction I wanna take my music and it’s a name that I can just envision up in lights. Also, who doesn’t want to be a fuckin’ Saint. That’s on some angelic immortal type-shit.

Finally, I googled ‘SXINT P’ and nothing came up so it was completely unique. Done. 

Then I finally slept all day after that...

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Are you content with where you are creatively?

Nowhere near content. I’m constantly learning and expanding my techniques / inspirations so that I can get better and execute my ideas in the best way possible. Also always looking out for new talent or artists in different fields/genres. Fashion, movies, TV, books, painting, etc.

That’s how you get better creatively. For example, I’m rewatching a 90s anime series right now (Neon Genesis Evangelion), and the amount of ideas that have stemmed from that is unbelievable.

Whenever someone asks me this question, I’m always gonna say no. Because if you think you know it all or you’re content with where you’re at, then you stop growing and you plateau. The day that I’m content with where I’m at creatively… kill me. 

Are you working on any new music?

Yessir. I got plenty of collabs otw with some really talented artists like Sin Santos, Carter, A Certain Energy, and more. My favourite upcoming single is called ‘Devil May Cry’ and that’s dropping in October with an incredible music video to go with it. And if everything goes to plan, I wanna drop an EP on my birthday! (November 1).

Plug yourself (social media and where people can find your music).

@SXINTP on Instagram, Facebook, and SoundCloud (I don’t have a Twitter).

My music is on all the streaming platforms - just type in SXINT P and you should find it. Newest single ‘Villain’ just dropped a couple weeks ago!

Y’all can also find everything on my website too ( )

Any last words?

This question is giving me ‘I’m about to kill you’ vibes… 😂

Nah, thank you for having me and putting me on! This was a dope interview and I hope we helped someone out there who needed to hear my message or music. 



Big thanks to SXINT P for coming on and interviewing with Nefarious Supply. To keep up with him and new releases coming from him you can find his Soundcloud above, and you can follow him on Instagram here.