Snoh Aalegra Takes Us Back In Time with "Ugh, Those Feelings Again."

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If you could put all the feelings, ambiance, and overall vibe of Snoh Aaegra’s sophomore album into one word it would have to be outstanding! By taking the best sounds of what makes R&B music a sensational genre, and packing it into a 14 song LP that is exactly 40 minutes. Snoh Aalegra ‘s “Ugh Those Feelings Again” has solidified its place as one of the best albums of 2019., and she continues the trend of releasing bodies of work that emphasize quality over quantity

For those who are not to fambiliar with Snoh Aalegara and her body of work her big sky rocket came in 2017 with the release of Drake’s newest album ”More Life”. Sampled on Do Not Disturb her vocals over the beat produced by Boi-1da and she caught her biggest break. But she was making music for years before that and she has had some heavy hitting album’s in her early career.


Sheri Nowrozi, better known by her stage name, Snoh Aalegra was born in September 13, 1987 to Swedish and Persian parents and spend the majority of her early childhood days in Enköping, Sweden. By the age of 13 she signed an artist development deal with Sony Music Sweden and during this time she would record and work with producers to help develop her sound and overall style. She later left Sony Music Sweden and began working with Universal Music Sweden and 2009 under the name of Sheri she began working on new music. Her first single “Hit and Run” was released February 2009 and peaked at number 12 on the Swedish Single Charts, and her next single "U Got Me Good" was released in December 2009, peaking at number 2. By January 1, 2010 she expanded on her artistry and formally released her debut album, “First Sign”, which was received positively by the masses.

Moving forward into 2014, Sheri formally changed her name and started going by the pseudonym Snoh Aalegra and began working with artists like Common who featured her on his tenth studio album “No Body’s Smiling”. She went on to capitalize off of her connections and released her debut EP There Will Be Sunshine though Epic Records. in 2016 she moved form Universal Music Sweden and signed a new deal with No I.D’s record label ARTium Recordings and released Don’t Explain which featured production from James Fauntleroy, No I.D., Boi-1da, Christian Rich and DJ Dahi. From then on everything is history and she has added a new body of work to her extensive discography with;” Ugh, Those Feelings Again”

From the opening track to the ending track ;”Ugh, Those Feelings Again” feels like one of the most personal albums she has put out. After a long hiatus and staying very quiet Snoh Aalegra popped back up again and released the first single “I Want You Around” on February 18, 2019 following it up stunning visuals video featuring which features Asap12vy. She then followed up with three more singles; You, Find Someone Like You, Situationship.

The 14 track which featured production from No ID , Rob Holiday, Steve Wyremen from the Cocaine 80’s and more is divided into two parts a Side A and Side B. Side A being the “happy” side, and compared Side B to her previous effort FEELS, which summed up her emotional state and past relationships. This split is very evident in not only the production on both sides but the lyrics. Take for example ”I Want You Around” which is the second track on Side A. The sound of the song is happy, With the production featuring melodic happier sounding chords, which falls in line with the lyrics.

We can get away
Palm trees, beach views
Ordinary day
All I wanna hear is Innervisions on replay
And sit right next to you, you
I try not to show how I feel about you
Thinkin' we should wait, but we don't really want to
I just wanna get away
And sit right next to you, you

Overall this song is one of happiness with a current lover, this song signifies all the happy parts of being in love with a person that truly compliments you. Now ”You” from Side B is the complete opposite, the song definitely is sadder sounding song and the lyrics fall in line

I wish I thought before I-I spoke, yeah, yeah
Made up my mind before I talk
Everybody close to me
Think you are no good to me
They don't believe us
'Cause they had to see me
See me that way
But I only see us
Oh yeah
Yeah, I only see

This song is longing and the sadness that surrounds and individual after losing someone who meant so much to them. And this is what truly makes the album stand out because each song gives you this type of feeling. Both sides have some heavy hitters including Whoa, Find Someone Like You (which is very similar to TLC Waterfalls as far as the sound), and Love Like That. From Side B the most stand out tracks have to Be Careful (Which serves as the opening track to side B), Nothing To Me, I Didn’t Mean to Fall In Love, and Peace.

The solid production effort along with the deep and sincere vocals from Aalegra allows for the album to have unique place within industry right now as far as new R&B releases sound. On Snoh Aalegra’s new album similar to her previous work there is more of an emphasis of natural sounds and lighter sounding instruments with very simple drums patterns. Quality over quantity seems to be the main of focus of this album like her previous work. And this isn’t a bad thing because, like her previous work she has found a blue print that works for her and with the release of her album she continues to improve on it. Overall Snoh Aalegra’s new album is one of the best albums that artists have graced us with in 2019. By focusing on a sound that will help her stand out, cultivating a body of music that emphasizes quality, and featuring production that truly compliments her style Snoh Aalegra continues to grow her name as an artist.

Snoh Aalegra “Ugh, Those Feelings Again”- 10/10

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