Let us know about yourself. 

I am a quiet guy, don’t like a lot of expose, and I care more about the respect from every piece of work I do. I am based out of Georgia and with a team consisting of gifted and innovating creators called JungleTeam°. I brought up to music as an outlet from depression and suicidal thoughts and my music reflects all my experiences in life and emotions I usually came across in a never-ending cycle. I started out by creating Type Beats on YouTube and selling them to various artist. I didn’t feel fulfilled to this type of creation, so I began creating my own music. I hope to inspire artist that go through rough times in life to continue to work, thrive with whatever and whoever you have, and create new relationships no matter who it is.

Where are you representing and why is it so important to you?

Growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana, homed to Dallas, Texas, but based out of Georgia. I would argue that I represent Dallas, Texas because I consider that home to me and help me be the person I am today. The place introduced me to many people that genuinely care about my well being and want to see me prosper.

How would you describe your music to somebody?

I would describe my music as Dark R&B. Something that speaks to the soul and able to reflective to.

Who or what were your inspirations behind these themes and cultures? How did they influence you to become the artist you are today, along with any experiences you might have had? 

My inspirations behind what I represent are PARTYNEXTDOOR, Anders, and Majid Jordan. They inspire me with how to showcase my emotions through my music, pictures, and future videos. My closer inspiration is my team, JungleTeam°. Scottie Flames, Wxlf Stealth, Vue, Lavish Jax, Ace, Blvck, Vici, Isaiah, and fleur. Each person within the team brings a different strength to learn from and can be implemented into my music or life in general. I’ve been through many flings, break-ups, and relationships that help create my music. But there was one thing different about my last relationship and that what inspired “HIDDEN” featuring HIMOVERTHERE, which I have released in August 2019. I still care for her, but we were never compatible. We were raised very differently from one another and we could not co-exist together. I still wish her the best and I know she will grow to be an independent woman.


How do you incorporate these themes and cultures into your music?

Main contents that I incorporate these themes and cultures into my music is pictures and writing. Pictures are just as important as how I represent my music. One reason would be to catch the listeners attention, and another is to show what other things I am capable of. I make my own artwork and have had clients such as Joe Trufant, 7ONESTAR, Dazeoneast, EREL, and many producers. As far as my writing, I try to be real as possible. I used to write letters to my past girlfriends. I always fell deep in love so writing to them became very easy and so I learn how to write story’s through them.

What keeps your current audience listening and why should people start listening?

With everything that I do I put the topmost quality. Even though I would disappear for some time, I am always working on something for my audience to listen to or view on my Instagram and Twitter. People should start listening because of my story’s. Any one of my true listeners would be able to tell what I go through or have been through just by my music. 


Who inspires you for your sound? 

The main artist that inspire my sound are PARTYNEXTDOOR, Anders, Majid Jordan, and many of the underground artist within SoundCloud. I find that these artists spoke the most to me with the way that they write, produce, and create photography. 

Who do you listen to on a regular basis?

What I listen to is wide range of variety. People who I listen to on a regular basis are most of the time underground artist, such as FRVRFRIDAY, Dazeoneast, Majilla, Joe Trufant, Shraban, and many more. 


 Do you have any collaborating artists that you’ve been working with? Is there anybody you would have as a feature or collaborate with on a future project?

Some artist that I have collaborated with are Joe Trufant, D.A. Doman, EREL, and HIMOVERTHERE. Some features that I would dream to have are FRVRFRIDAY, Dazeoneeast, Majilla, Shraban, and Anders.


What platform can people reach your content on the most conveniently? What albums and songs do you already have out that people should listen to?

People can reach my music through SoundCloud. I have a couple of official songs called “HIDDEN” featuring HIMOVERTHERE, and “INTERVENE” featuring EREL. I have an EP in the works called EX.MUSE. Until then, I am working on myself as an artist and as a person. 


Is there any one song that you’ve made that stands out from the rest? Any songs that people should listen to that will get people hooked?

That song would be “HIDDEN”. After all I have been through this year, I put all my emotions into this song and was truly meant for my recent ex-girlfriend to listen. 


 Do you have an outstanding moment since you got into the music industry that makes you realize how important it is to make music like this? If so what would that be?

I have a long road ahead of me, and I have not experienced enough of the music industry. But like I’ve said before, I do this for an outlet, to inspired, and to create stories, which I think is essential for creating music.

How has your experience in the industry been thus far?

So far in the underground, all of the artist that I’ve gain relationships with are talented, innovative, and hardworking. Like I said before, I have a long journey ahead of myself. I am not signed or spoke to an A&R. My motto is “You get what you put out” so everything I currently have I deserve. I still need to improve my craft to exceed to the next phase of my music career. 


Can you tell us anything about future projects? Anything that people can look forward to coming from you?

One future project I have currently in the works is EX.MUSE. This project will be about what I have gone through with my ex-girlfriend. Every day I hit the studio all I could write about was her when we were together at the time. From beautiful down-to-earth songs to songs where I act like I hate her. Until then, I have released a song called “HIDDEN” which is the single to the project, and is the basis of how the entire project will sound like.

DSC05807 10.jpg

Tell us a bit about your newest project and what we can expect from it.

I released my newest song “HIDDEN” featuring HIMOVERTHERE mid August. This song is a start of the phase, EX.MUSE, which is my future project. For now, my listeners can follow me through social media @lobiasr to keep in touch with my next releases and other collaborations that I have in the works. 


Do you have any last thoughts before the end of the interview? Any message you really want to get out to the people and your fans?

I would like to end this interview as a thank you for reaching out and getting to know me at a personal level. Lately in my life, I have been more geared towards how I should treat myself and purse the things I really wanted in life, forget the people that don’t care about me, and check up on my team. Keep working hard because then they wouldn’t be able to do what you do.

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