Chelsea Baker


So tell us about your self?

My name is Chelsea Baker, I’m 22 years old currently Graphic Design at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) located in Boca Raton FL. I have a huge passion for art- Not only photography but music, videography, illustrations, and everything in between! I play the piano and sing- recently becoming part of a music group with my brother (hrtbrkfever) called “PrettyDreams”. When I’m not designing, illustrating, or making music- I am my brothers full time personal photographer and editor here in Deerfield Beach, FL- My specialty being portraiture, landscape and aerial shots.

When did your passion for photography start?

 I began photography when I graduated high school- I was a female baseball player most of my life and my mom always photographed all of my games. Eventually when I came to college, I gained an interest in photography and she passed me down all of her equipment. From there my passion only grew and I began to invest more time and money into my hobby- making it my passion ever since.


Is there a common aesthetic that flows throughout your work? 

A common aesthetic found in my photos are the angles being shot and the colors I tend to incorporate. My favorite lens being 10-18mm- I am able to create unique, wide angled shots giving my pictures their own aesthetic feel. As far as color, color is everything in a photograph. I always make sure to have a careful eye for my model’s outfit color scheme and how it contrasts with the background scenery. Having your own aesthetic is what makes you stand out as a creator- color and angle only being two of many things I make sure of when taking photographs.

If you were called for the shoot of a lifetime and only had time to grab five pieces of gear, what are you bringing and why?

 I’m bringing my 10-18mm lens and my 50 mm lens (my two favorites- one for unique perspective (10-18mm) one for portraiture (50mm)) as well as my handheld tripod for stabilization and any long exposure I may need. I would bring my drone for aerial shots- of course! Lastly my Canon 7D with my laptop and chargers- for editing and re charging up!

What is the most challenging shot you’ve ever taken? 

I shot a wedding by myself (noob mistake) when I was 20 years old. By far the most challenging time for me as an artist. The wedding party consisted of over 25 people, getting all of them together while keeping account of lighting, angle, background, and main focus was very difficult for me. Let alone it was an outside wedding- raining most of the time!


What are the qualities that appeal to you most in a subject?

 I love landscape photography just as much as portrait photography of models, animals, etc. When photographing nature, the sea, etc. I am very drawn to horizons. Seeing where the earth meets the sea, in a unique appealing way. I appreciate natural colors but enhancing my landscapes saturation and vibrance is always key for me!! Color is happy. :) When shooting models I’m very drawn to the contrast of the model and their background along with the unique poses and outfits of a model- it can easily make a boring photo great!

Do you have a dream location where you’d like to have a shoot? As a kid, I loved

National Geographic. I collected all of the magazines, just for the pictures. The Wildlife and it’s animals are so intriguing, I’ve always been interested in everything animals so being able to shoot in a jungle/ wildlife area would be a dream come true for me.

Who’s photography work inspires you and why?

Sergei Muzlov is a huge inspiration for me- a photographer based in Moscow. I discovered his work through social media-Tumblr, instagram, and other photography networks. Since I do more in the creative realm than photography, such as illustrate and design, I have many inspirations. Some because of their photoshop skills, color balance, or aesthetics. But Sergei Muzlov was one of the first people I found that use color in such a unique, individual way. His photos look real enough to touch, his way of editing his models to blend with his image is brilliant! I often find myself looking through his portfolio for night time photography inspiration, color ideas, and much more.

How do you get the subject in front of your lens to translate to the work of art you have in mind? 

I always ask my model to send me their outfit ideas prior the photoshoot. When that is set in stone, I begin thinking of locations and ideas- gaining inspiration from photographers and models I’ve seen with similar styles and vibes. Sometimes I will create a small album of references pictures for myself and the model to see the ideas I have in mind- not only will that make them feel more comfortable but saves me time , making the whole process much easier.

What is your process when deciding on a location that compliments your subject?


I usually base my locations on the model and their vibe as well as the time of day and the weather. If my model is going for a laid back feel with dull colored clothing, taking them outside by the beach with flowers and waves isn’t my first idea. Say my model is wearing a highlighter yellow outfit- I know right away Im going to place them in front of a teal or maybe a pink wall or some type of contrasting background/foreground. After that- I’m looking for an angle that provides the composition with a aesthetic perspective whether that be the position of me holding the camera or the model posed a certain way. I make sure the location I choose is flexible enough for me to edit the photos in a creative way- whether that be through color enhancement, lighting, or scenery.

Is there a particular photographic style or technique that you look forward to


I look forward to mastering lighting. As a photographer lighting is one of the key components in taking your pictures to the next level. It’s very easy to shine a light and take a photo, use flash, or turn up the brightness in photoshop- but being able to take a RAW photo with the right exposure and brightness takes a lot of skill and mastering.

What everyday object do you think has a beauty that is often overlooked?

Architecture. Everywhere you look- inside or outside- the simplicity of things lining up, being placed in a symmetrical way through walls, buildings, or objects is something I feel is often overlooked. As a photographer, keeping in mind those little details like buildings in the back, fence posts, traffic signs, is crucial. Lining up a model with a hotel building, play on perspective and color are a few examples of using the beauty of architecture in your art to enhance detail- making your style that much more detailed and appreciated.

 Are there any upcoming projects that you’re excited about? 

I’m shooting a music video for my brother (hrtbrkfever) by the end of summer for an upcoming single. I don’t have much content promoting myself as a videographer but it’s a hobby that developed through taking pictures and designing at FAU so I look forward to brining his music to life through film instead of only being able to capture it in a single shot photo.

Big shout out to Chelsea for coming on and interviewing with Nefarious Supply, you can find her work on her instagram here and be sure to also check out her brother Hrtbrkfever music as well as their collaborative project “PrettyDreams” coming soon.

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