So who are you?

I’m Jaxson. I go by LoveJaxsn, Jaxy or Jax & I’m a Photographer and Videographer from Pine Bluff, Arkansas and based in New Orleans.

How’d you get plugged with the Lango boys?

We’re all “college friends” I heard Lang’s early music from one our mutual friends Aaron. From there I always showed love to his music & eventually we did a few shoots together. We have this weird synergy where our ideas and our different art forms meet half way and always create something awesome. You can see it in the artwork & the GTG video but you’ll definitely see that more soon.

What was the inspiration for the Warthog cover shoot ?

We love contrast. We try to take a lot of things that might not seem like they go together or should fit & make them highlight each other. In the cover we took some of our favorite films and merged them into a photo that displays beauty, rage, anger, humor, and nature . By far my favorite photo I’ve taken to date.

What’s the most fun shoot you’ve done so far?

Most fun shoot was definitely the “Gotta Go” music video. If you thought the video had some insane clips just imagine what didn’t make the cut or the atmosphere we shot in. We also shot most of the outside stuff in a pretty populated area so the looks we were getting were golden. Definitely my favorite shoot to date.

How would you describe the style of photography you do?

If I had to say, my photography style is dirty beauty. I honestly don’t like “clean”. Many people fall in love with those crispy clear and saturated colored photos but I personally like my photos to look as if they have imperfections or like it’s in a place that isn’t perfect. Kinda like my photo went through something or takes you to a place that’s not utopian.

I ask this to every photographer: What camera(s) do you use and why?

I used a Canon SL2 and Canon Eos 650. I use the SL2 because it’s the perfect DSLR photo/video hybrid for beginner photographers when I first started about a year and a half ago. the Canon EOS 650 was my introduction to film photography so thats why I use it.

Do you think you’ll ever drop a photobook?

I’m working on a photobook now actually. I don’t have a release date or anything but I’ve saved about 20 or so photos for it already and they’re ostly never before seen photos. My main problem with releasing it is that I continuously add and remove photos to the point where it’s never done. I’ll definitely drop it by the end of the year .


What are your goals for 2020?

In 2020 , it’s my goal to get some Magazines and Editorial Placements as far as photography goes. With video I want to write, shoot, and direct my first short film for everyone to see. Beyond 2020 it’s so easy to get caught in the music side of things but I have a deep appreciation for film and I’d like to contribute and create in that spectrum as well.

Are you working on anything new?

The videos me & Lango are working on with Warthog are gonna be insane. I don’t want to spill too much but we’ve been in another realm when it comes to our ideas . Shooting something in New York as we speak !

Plug yourself (social media and where people can find your work).

@lovejaxsn on twitter & instagram

Last Words :

blatt ! yea uh huh !

Big Thanks to Jaxon for agreeing to interview with Nefarious Supply, If you want to check out more of his work or want to reach out to him you can find his Instagram here, and his Twitter here.

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