TOP 10: Foggieraw

Foggieraw, known formerly as Jayo, is an upcoming artist from Ghana, operating out of the DMV area, Washington D.C., specifically. Foggieraw has grown considerably since his start in 2013.

With the releases of his 2016 debut EP, The Foggie Pound, and his 2018 mixtape, Fogtavius Vandross, the DMV native has received nothing less than bolstering support and a committed fan base.

Below, we at Nefarious Supply have taken it upon ourselves to compile a Top 10 list of our favorite tracks by Foggieraw.

Take a look 😈

Moncler Bubble

“I had to buy me a Moncler Bubble
It's cold at the top, top, top, top”

Moncler Bubble is one of Foggieraw’s best tracks to date. From the seamless production to the artist’s ever-smooth lyrical ability, the track brings together all of the qualities that make Foggieraw the artist that he is.

The “clear mumble” we’ve come to love as listeners, the twists and turns his creative flows guide you through brings you to a effortlessly satisfying end, one that makes you savor the remainders of beat as it rides out into silence. Moncler Bubble is the polished and refined embodiment of Foggieraw’s sound, the biggest reason


“She was like, "Foggieraw are you still poppin'?"

Look girl, I'm still poppin' of course”

Following the distilled sound and style portrayed in the track above, Prolly is an even more laidback track, boasting an anthemic chorus and Foggie’s braggadociousness all over a shiny, complimenting lo-fi beat.

Foggieraw is known for putting forward a confident and self-assured tone in the way he flows and it shows in all its glory on this track. Again, the instrumental and the artist synergize in a way that makes this chill track one of our favorites.

Look Like Porzingis

“Try n' get these hoes off me like Jerry Springer

If you wanna bring her then damn bring her”

Look Like Porzingis is a two-toned, feel-good track that portrays Foggieraw’s playfulness and comical versatility.

The whole track plays like a summer walk through something of a county fair, with a fast-paced, uptempo melody and bass-knocking beat underneath, Foggieraw delivers with bar after phlegmatic bar.

As the second half of the song comes in, the beat cuts for a guitar riff, and Foggie’s unedited vocals overtop, bringing the track to relaxing finish.

U Can’t Be My Baby

“You can't be my baby, this Billie Jean

You can't be my baby, this Billie Jean”

With a hilarious intro, taken straight out of a player interaction, in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, U Can’t Be My Baby scores a spot on this list for retaining Foggie’s tried and true formula of calm and confident lyricism over an infectious, lo-fi beat.

The melody carries an airy flute solo, over top a high-hat driven, wavy beat progression. Foggieraw’s chorus is again extremely catchy and easy to remember, making the track all that more delightful, as well as the final moment of the track, a video and audio recording, empowered with beautiful untouched vocals.

U Can’t Be My Baby is a subtle addition to this list, but a strong one nonetheless.

30 and 10

“Triangle, square, combo for right trigger trigger

Diamonds come out the commode, that's how it go”

Frolicking over a bassless, peppy beat, Foggieraw brings ever-flowing bars throughout the entire two minutes and eighteen seconds that spans the track. Lacking any chorus, 30 and 10 thoroughly makes up for it with Foggie’s switching flows and a creative callbacks to various bible verses, Nas, and Eminem, putting this at a comfortable spot on our list.

30 and 10 strips itself of what would usually be essential to create a good song within this genre of music, and shows Foggieraw’s prowess at still producing a top-tier track, regardless.

She Said Ur Blessed

“Young, I'm not even dressing

Young, I'm not even flexing

Young, I had to stop stressing”

She Said Ur Blessed is something of Foggieraw’s victory lap. An uplifting and assertive track, Foggieraw thanks the lord yet again for putting him in the position where he is today, whilst also boasting of his effortless style and way of dressing, reassuring the girl that he hasn’t even tried yet.

This could also be seen as a double entendre for the rap game. His lyricism and flows are elegant and natural, landing with incredible ease showing those around him, it’s not hard at all for him to make a masterpiece.

Drake & Josh

“Gleam Gold in my teeth but I still gotta floss

Uh, drip

Step out the water like

Jesus It look like Voss, look”

Over top an eerie and calm beat sequence, Foggieraw delivers on Drake & Josh, a track with a hook, longer and even more versatile than the verses themselves. Drake & Josh brings plenty derivatives, such as Wendy Wu, Voss, Lebron James, Barry Barnes, and of course, the sitcom, Drake & Josh. The track boasts of God and the artist yet again, but brings a new way of hearing Foggie’s sound through the instrumental and the artist’s unique flow.

Harry Potter

“Expecto Patronum on foe nem Harry Potter

I don’t do no triple six but I still pop my collar”

Harry Potter is probably one of Foggieraw’s most cavalier tracks on his discography. Starting out the gate with his comparison to god when dressed to impress (a double bar for the bible verse where Jesus walked on water), followed by shouting out his lawyer, bragging that it’s an honor to be mentioned on a track of his, and shouting out Three Six Mafia, as well as Brad Pitt, Foggie wraps up this short two minute track in a nice, gasconaded bow.

Brad Pitt Freestyle

“I was going through a phase, I dyed my hair blonde like I'm Brad Pitt

I know this is a white tee, but I bought it at Saks Fifth (Bought it at Saks Fifth)”

Giving Harry Potter a run for it’s money, Brad Pitt Freestyle is equally just as confident and assured as the track above. However, this being just a freestyle, Foggie noticeably isn’t as purposefully lyrical as his other tracks.

He makes up for it with the smooth instrumental and his infectious flow. The second half of the song is a much more complicated beat progression, underneath a soulful vocal riff.

I Got The Kick

“I got the kick (ye)

I got the kick (ye)

I got the kick (ye)”

The last song on our list, I Got The Kick is almost as chill of a track as 30 and 10, with barely-there, endorsing beat, Foggie wraps his vocals around the instrumental, letting it guide him throughout the tranquil world the song paints a picture of.

As with Brad Pitt Freestyle and U Can’t Be My Baby, the song is split into two parts. One with the young Fogtavius Vandross, and the other with beautiful vocals serenading upbeat and hopeful production below. I Got The Kick easily lands a clean spot on our list.


Shoutout to Foggieraw! if you want to stay up to date with him you can find him on Instagram, Twitter. You can find his music on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and SoundCloud.

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