DKTM Series Episode 2: Morgan Marsh

Welcome to the DKTM Series Episode 2 The DKTM Collective, short for “DON’T. KILL. THE. MOVEMENT.”, is a collective of artists, producers, and overall creatives that have come together in order to pursue their artistic endeavors. They have bolstered an impressive fanbase within the DMV area and are reaching for even further heights with every project they release.

Every episode, we will focus on two of the collective’s artists, until we reach the end of the roster.

Below, we get into our second artist, Morgan Marsh.

Enjoy 😈



Morgan Marsh is a member of DKTM, acting as one of the collective’s main vocalists and creative directors.

Morgan is a free-spirited, empathetic, and conscious vocalist, with two major singles under her belt and major contribution to fellow members’ Mighty Mouse and BLK LEXX’s joint project, MIGHTYLEXX.

She features on the song Chop! and adds a softer, evergreen hook to the abrasive and bellicose delivery of the other listed artists, whilst showing she is more than capable of keeping up with her fellow vocalists.

Morgan has shown her ability to be true to herself and the creativity that flows through her, without letting it compromise her compatibility with the group.

In fact, she has only strengthened the band’s innovative dynamic, and it indeed shows, in waves.

Give us a general description of you as an artist. What cultures and experiences cultivate the persona or identity of yours? 

First thing that comes to mind when I hear that question is that I’m half Guyanese.

My mother came to this country when she was 11.

Just having that Caribbean influence, definitely into reggae, afrobeats, dancehall, soca, they all contributed to who I’ve become as an artist.

So your roots cultivate who you are, it really drives you.

Yeah, for sure. That, as well as being from Montgomery Country. 

Oh wow, Moco? That’s a pretty underrepresented part of the DMV area.

Gaithersburg, Moco,  the whole area is very diverse. Of course, now it's becoming more gentrified.

But I grew up around people from all different backgrounds. I have friends who are asian, hispanic, it doesn’t matter. 

That’s usually how it is in the DMV. 

Exactly, and that’s why I love being from here, and not enough people know how special this place is, the DMV as a whole. So I’m just ready to put this city on the map. 

I represent my whole state, but Montgomery County specifically. There’s not enough of us.

I can’t really name any notable Moco artists. Well, besides Logic, he’s from Gaithersburg. 

Promotional Poster for  “Polo”

Promotional Poster for “Polo”

How would you describe your music to somebody?

Very eclectic. Very different. I don’t hold myself to a certain genre of music. You’ll hear hip-hop, you’ll hear R&B. I listen to indie-alternative music, even country. 

So you’re more of an evolving vibe, kinda?

Yeah, pretty much.

Whatever sounds good at the time, you know? I might go through certain phases where I’m solely listening to rock. or if it's just reggae. 

Do you ever think you’ll be able to combine those sounds one day? 

Hell yeah, that’s the goal. Different colors, different moods. 

Do you think there’s a single word that you would use to describe yourself and your sound? 

Mosaic. Different colors, different moods, different emotions, and just blending everything into one. 

Who do you listen to on a regular basis?

Ooh, I love Frank Ocean. I have to he’s one of my biggest influences. Him and Andre 3000 is one of my favorite artists too, I can listen to Outkast all day. Seeing like Outkast and Missy Elliot, seeing people like them just be themselves and authentic, it’s amazing and inspiring. 

There’s this one artist name Mereba. She’s an artist from Arkansas. I know what y’all are thinking, but like she makes alternative R&B music and rappers over it. Check out her project y’all.

I’m putting y’all on right now. Go in without any expectations and, yeah. 

Walk us through the steps the group takes to create a track. What is your creative process? Do you guys happen to just walk into a studio and be assigned to one role or is there like a more delicate process involved.

It’s pretty random, I don’t have a strategy per say. I may just hear a beat, maybe something that Baat Choy or Mouse has made and I’ll just marinate on it.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to come up with lyrics on the spot. 


So, you let it cook?  

I’ll let it cook. I’ll take it home with me, I’ll think on it at work, think on it all day.

The lyrics can come first or the melody may come first, then I can get a certain rhythm going. 

So that’s kind of like your sound then. You just kind of like to throw things at a wall and see what sticks.

Yeah, there’s so much freedom. 

Well can you tell us anything about any future projects?

I’m actually working on a solo project, hopefully I’ll be able to drop it around spring time next year? I just started it, I only have like two songs pretty much done. 

One of them is called Insomnia

What’s the story behind Insomnia?

It’s a double entendre. So I live in an apartment. It’s a very small apartment with like really thin walls, and my neighbors are very fucking loud haha. So I can barely get any sleep at night. 

So it’s a play on that, but also, just problems and struggles in life, not getting a break. I feel like I’m not really able to sleep at all/ I’m always on the go, working, working, working.

She proceeded to play us a snippet. 

It was amazing.

So yeah, next spring, I wanna have seven songs. The project’s going to be called Gazed. Like, when you’re intently like looking at something and you’re like in awe and admiration of it.

That’s how I feel about DKTM and that’s how I feel about my future as an artist. 

Stream Morgan’s new single, Polo above on Soundcloud, and while you’re there, be sure to check out the rest of the DKTM Collective. I promise you you won’t be disappointed. If you wanna stay up to date with Morgan and all her new releases, you can find her Instagram here. Thank you again, Morgan, for the great interview.