Three65 - Summers Over EP


Hey Three65 it’s been a while since we had you on the site give the audience and update on who you are, where you are from, and what you’ve been up to? 

Hey guys, I go by THREE65. I’m a Hip-Hop and R&B artist from Cleveland Ohio. I’ve been pretty busy working on music and I’ve been working on other projects as well.

Last time we had interviewed you, you went by “Heartthrobsworld”, why’d you change your name and how does it help you stand out an artist?


I just felt like it was time for a change honestly. A lot of crazy shit happened to me in the past couple of months and it just made me realize that I wasn’t being myself. The music I was making before needed a certain image to be pushed and that image just isn’t who I am, so I decided that it was time to fully change my sound and my identity to fully be me.

I guess I just became comfortable with the idea of finally being personal in my music and it just opened a lot of doors for me sonically. I feel like all of this helps me stand out as an artist because it shows the authenticity behind my music and who I am as a person.

Let’s get into “Summers Over EP” tell us more about it, what inspired it, how long did it take to make it, and what was your overall goal when you released it?

Summers Over is just a culmination of thoughts, feelings, and emotions I felt throughout this past summer. It’s a project that tells you what’s been going in my head and how I’ve been dealing with it. The biggest inspiration behind this project were my past relationships. A lot of people deal with their situations in different ways and I guess this was just a way to deal with mine. I felt like people needed to hear this and it made me realize that someone is feeling the same way I did and they might need to hear this in order to feel better.

Maybe I could be that voice for those people but who knows, I just wanted to tell my story. It didn’t take long to make the project honestly. Most of the songs on the project were made in between the months June and July so it was a pretty quick process. I mixed and mastered everything 2 days before I had to turn in the EP so everything was done recently. My goal when releasing the project was to just fully be myself finally when it came to my music. I used to be scared to talk about real genuine things because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but now that isn’t the case. My music is who I am and I needed to talk about the things that made me the person I am today.


Who did you work with to get the EP together and how was the process

Worlwidetak and Blondie handled all of the production on the EP while me and my homie Rich did the album cover together. i was just taking a lot of pictures of the sky for some reason and I felt like I needed to use these for something, so I sent them to him and he edited the pictures altogether and ended up making that cover. I also handled the engineering on the project and I would say the overall process was pretty organic. All the producers I work with are close friends of mine at the end of the day, so I trust them 100% when they send me whatever they make which is always fire. 

“Nobody” goes crazy!! Tell us more about this song, what's the message behind it?

“Nobody” is a song about me realizing that this person who I thought mattered to me, did not really matter at all. It’s really just me going through a bunch of emotions trying to figure out how to stop myself from feeling certain ways. 

What’s your favorite song on the EP and why?

I think “Go Away” might be my favorite song on the project because it’s me finally saying my goodbyes to all my past situations, it’s my way of saying farewell, but I honestly can’t pick because I love all the songs on the project and it’s pretty hard to pick which one could be my actual favorite because of how I was feeling when I made each track.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2019, and heading into 2020?

I’m working on an album right now and I’m taking my time with it so we’ll see how long that’ll take, but that won’t stop me from dropping music for the rest of the year. I’m trying to make something more orchestrated and I want to be hands on when it comes to the production on this album. I want to show people that I can create something special at a high level but other than that, maybe some music videos will come out soon and maybe another project next year. I’m just on a grind and i’m not trying to slow down anytime soon.

Any last words?

No matter what, don’t let people dictate who you should be, just be yourself and be around people you love and that love you. Make sure to focus on what you need to do and try to better yourself in any way you can. I’mma keep doing this music shit and hopefully it takes me where I want to go. If not, I made a hell of an effort and that’s all that matters.

Big shout out to rising artists Three65 for coming on and sharing his experience with his latest EP “Summers Over” the new project is available on all streaming platforms right now. If you want to stay up to date with new music coming from Three65 you can follow him on SoundCloud and on Instagram.

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