WSTSIDE IN THE HILLS - Album Interview


How did you meet Moflo Music and what led to the collaboration?

I met Moflo Music through a good artist friend of mine by the name Tarron Belle and he was like “bro you have to link with Moflo because he’s the goat” so i said bet and hit the bro up and it’s been effortless ever since.

Give us some background on WSTSIDEHILLS, what inspired the album and what themes and sounds were you going for in creating this EP?

I was going for a dark melodic trap/island in the hills sound for imagery purposes just to paint a picture for the listeners. 

How long did it take to create the EP, and at what point did you know that it was ready?

2 days honestly but I ended up adding a couple songs later before the release.


The EP is truly heat from front to back with each song sounding different from each one, can you break down each song for us?

Yes of course starting with Involved which is about being out of a relationship with someone, but because you both are in the same area and you hear about each other and even though you lust for one another it doesn’t mean you should be involved with them because some people are just bad for you.

Speed is all about the transition between friendships and relationships where you start the process of elimination because some people just aint on the same shit as you therefore  they’re not up to speed.

762 is just a metaphor for a bullet symbolizing losing yourself for someone ultimately dying to be reformed but at the same time glorifying a ride or die women who is with whatever for her man. Sometimes we say “if a person doesn’t love me for me then i don’t want them” but sometimes we don’t own up to the fact that we must change to become a better person for ourselves and for who we love.

Cease Fire is all about someone not having to “put a gun to your head” for you to love them or treat them how they should be treated. The song can also be received as being rejected and let down but having the heart to withstand the pressure because some people go through a lot in life and it takes a strong person to be patient and be willing to break down those walls.

Yute is all about a girl talking down on my name and treating me like I am capable of making childish decisions with her heart such as cheating or lying to her but what she doesn’t know is that her friends are jealous and putting that in her head because they can’t find a man like me “misery loves company”

Criminal is all about being single and before you can blink you’re in a relationship and in love before you know it as if someone stole your heart.

Miss Out is all about whether or not a girl is willing to take this ride with me through fame and everything that comes with it and just be down for me and if not she got to go simple.

Let’s talk about the features, you feature 3 artists who we’ve actually interviewed before Hrtbrkfever, Serena Isioma, And Dazeoneast. What made you feature them in the EP, and what’s your background with them? 

I discovered Hrtbrk through soundcloud I started with playing Frvrfriday and songs just kept playing until it got to one of his crazy songs called “Gunonsafety ft Lnlyboy” and his social media was attached so I hit him up and everything else is history that’s my brother for sure.

Serena did my interview for Nefarious Supply The Goats” and she hit me up when i posted “I need a female vocalist for my Ep” and she was so confident that something made me comfortable with choosing her even before i checked her music out. She is amazing!

Last but not least “The Carolina Reaper” , Dazeoneast I fuck with bro so heavy and he is very reliable for example if you send a open to him it’s going to be flawless when you get it back plus he is very genuine and lowkey with everything. All of these artists I named inspire me everyday and it’s no doubt that they will be big one day.

When can we expect visuals for WSTSIDEHILLS?

Honestly i want to take a route where I drop a visual of a single that no one has ever heard before and it just shocks everyone, just something fresh and unexpected.

What’s your favorite song on the EP and why?

Involved i just think as an intro it definitely hits and is very universal situation everyone can relate to.

What can we expect from you and HILLSIDE Records? 

Winter is coming and this is when you will hear the best of me. Also visuals and more of a raw version of me  just being more vulnerable and open to let listeners in my life..

Anything you want to add?

Keep streaming Wstside In The Hills and tell a friend love you guys and remember to check on your friends and love-ones because it’s not just about the music.

WSTSIDE IN THE HILLS is available now on Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Spotify be sure to check It out and rack up the streams. If you wanna stay up to date with Hidden Hills and his music you can find him on Instagram, and Twitter. And be sure to check out Hrtbrkfever, Serena Isiomia, and Dazeoneast as well.

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