So, where are you based? And, why there out of all places?

Currently Raleigh, NC. I am originally from Montclair, CA and raised from Long Beach. I originally wanted to live in an area where I could communicate with other artists, but after a long time I felt like that affected my concentration in my own work and I was focusing too much on others that were not giving the same effort back. I currently live in the boonies, where no one can find me, I am more accessible to just me and being isolated. It feels good for once just concentrating on myself. 

How did Underrated Views start?

That’s a funny story, I really tried hard trying to find my name that people know my work by. When I started, I was known because I DJ’d. A couple guys and I threw underground parties at random abandoned locations and it was always my duty to find lowkey spots. That’s where the name came from originally. Now it has a more in depth meaning. I do not really go by the book when it comes to shooting, I literally started with 10 rolls and a film camera in 2017. Then at that moment I always thought outside the box, I’ve never been a person to just shoot pretty people and call it a day. I have to feel the reason of shooting with someone and if it just does not click then its a dub and I call it a day. So yeah, underrated spots, angles and at that time the camera i shot because the film was not popping like that and views of all kinds. 

What inspires your photos ?

When it comes to shooting individuals I always have in mind keeping the mind and the body free. I never have a specific concept, but I try to keep everything very vague. Emotions truly is something I hold dear to my work, also music I love interpreting music that I listen to and making small parts of lyrics into shoots. 

What your favorite photo of yours and why?

There’s this photo I took in 2017 when I went back home to LA in crenshaw on my way on the bus, I noticed this elder lady sitting across from me she had all these bags and suitcase. It was honestly impressive, it almost looked like she kept her life with her everywhere she went, but just for a moment she was sleeping and I felt like that was probably the best sleep she’s had in a moment. She was snoring and laying on top of her stuff. The fact I captured it in film is crazier.

What are you currently working on?

Currently I’ve been very busy working with small basketball organizations, but I am trying to contact any great earth cleaning organizations or culture organization, because that’s truly what I admire the most. Trying to help the environment and as well as being able to capture our beautiful planet or learning about other individuals cultures.

What do you hope to achieve before 2020?

Being able to finish paying my parents crib to be honest, that’s the only thing on my mind and I know Ima finish by the end of the year. I’ll be happy then.

Any last words?

I would just want to tell everyone to not follow the hype. Just truly be yourself, because things don’t last and honestly it gets boring just copying others. Look up to other people outside of your own craft, that allows you to dodge creative block, but other than that, don't forget to drink water, save money while your young and enjoy the moments because they go by fast.