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Black Passionfruit  cover art

Black Passionfruit cover art

This week we at Nefarious Supply are gifting you all with another list of vastly talented and woefully underrated artists. From passion-fruit to pre-game, artists such as the DKTM Collectve, mikey, Ashton, TWNTYFOUR, DWN2EARTH, G’avin, Marvin Dolo, Josh Dillon, and LNLYBOY spread their brilliance on track after track and the artistry shows.

Lucy Mourn and BLKLEXX from Maryland’s own DKTM Collective come together on the politically charged track “Black Passionfruit”, speaking on topics of their pride in black culture and how far the African American community has come in this day and age.

mikey’s track “my ways” is a reminiscent track in which the artist recollects the times when he used to be overlooked and under-booked by those who didn’t believe in his vision. However, now that he’s at the point where he is now, he still hasn’t changed what makes him him, and won’t ever switch up for anyone or anything.

Ashton and FRVRFRIDAY come together on the track “After Sunset”, with beautifully strung together 808s overtop a consistent hi-hat addition. Ashton raps about a girl that seems to always be on his mind. He expresses to her that, after sunset, he’ll try to not only figure out how deep this connection with her is, but also how to navigate through this precarious industry. FRVRFRIDAY appeals for patience and understanding, also questioning the girl in question’s trust in those around her.

TWNTYFOUR’s “Like she used to” tells a tale of a girl who seems to have lost the ability to love due to heartbreak, excessive drug use, and even instances of insomnia. As it always with with TWNTYFOUR, the production quality is outstanding and the storytelling is just as immaculate. This track is one of three on this list.

His next track, “Caribbean Devil”, is a more upbeat and Antillean anthem. The track is boastful and charismatic, whilst retaining the TWNTYFOUR standard that has persisted throughout the artist’s discography.

DWN2EARTH makes a solid appearance with his track “MUTOMBO”. The artist croons over a smooth, kicked back instrumental. DWN2EARTH croons over topics of wealth, busy schedules, and fake relationships with those who didn’t believe in his passion. The instrumental bleeds into a beat switch that adds a very pleasing finish to the superb chorale.

ALONE  cover art

ALONE cover art

Gavin’s “Ashanti” samples SWV’s classic “You’re Always on My Mind”. He attributes the woman in question to Ashanti. With how she stays on his mind and how he will always be there when she needs him, Gavin swoons over her and dreams of treating her to the finest things life and give, and the love that only he can provide.

pre game” by Marvin Dolo is a deep and confident melody, speaking on his attraction to a girl who came to the pre game of party. The track goes through the motions of him thinking of things he can do and experience with her. Dolo states he’ll take his time with it, making sure she knows who she’s dealing with and what can happen if the two of them take things to the next level.

TWNTYFOUR’s final track “Maria” takes on a latin vibe overtop a heavy hitting bassline. The song sounds faintly reminiscent of Travis Scott’s “Maria, I’m Drunk”, whilst adding the artist’s unique takes on love and heartbreak. The chorus becomes immediately infectious after the second time hearing it and TWNTYFOUR uses autotune masterfully to convey his message.

Solecalibur” is a verbal play on the popular game, Soulcalibur, and Josh Dillon shines with beautiful vocal runs and smooth hitting lyrics overtop a groovy laidback instrumental. The artist gets vulnerable with his own insecurities, while also playing to his strengths when it comes to the girl who plagues him day in and day out. He expresses his confusion with his own feelings but comes to terms with the fact that even though he doesn’t want to, he needs her.

The final track on this list comes from our very own LNLYBOY. “ALONE” is a self-reflective track contemplating on feelings of loneliness and the grind of coming up in the music industry, as well as LNLY’s changed behavior after reaching the heights of recognition he’s achieved. It is a short track but heavy with the subject matter at hand, wrapping a beautiful bow on our underground episode.

Big shout out to all of our rising artists for their outstanding music. If you want to stay up to date with new music coming from any of them, you can find all of their social media and discography in the links as well as listen to the new underground playlist above!

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