Carter - No Saving (feat.. Sxint P) - Single Premier

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Hey Carter! Great to have you back on the site since we last interviewed you, so let us know what's going on and what's new with you since we last spoke?

Good to be back man. Since the last time I've been filming videos, working on pulling the collective together and lining up singles to release until the year ends. 

You have a new track out titled “No Saving” which features rising artist Sxint  P, tell us about the track, what inspired it, what was your goal with the single, and what made you get Sxint P on as a feature? 

The track was done in the first session myself and Sxint P linked up. It started off as more or less a freestyle, and all we had to do was pen in the gaps. Myself and Sxint P were fans of each other’s music before linking up, and it turned out to be a very fluid process.

Is this track just a solo single or can we expect to hear more music from the two of you together in the future?

This definitely won’t be the last time you hear us two on the same track. We’re actually following it up with another single titled ‘Valerie’ dropping next Friday with him featuring me. That one is a crazy record as well, so definitely stay tuned for it. 

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You had mentioned something about forming a new group called  “Kill Collective” give us some details about that? Who’s in it, why did you guys from it, and what do each of you bring to the table that helps the collective stand out from others?

Kill Collective consists of myself, Sxint P, Sin Santos & Chux. Music is our main output of content, but we also have plenty of videos dropping along with ‘Kill’ branded events coming before the year ends. It started off from us bouncing ideas to each other as homies, and sitting in on each others sessions to a couple months ago when we had the conversation of building a team. I genuinely believe we’re some of the best up and coming artists coming out of Melbourne, and teaming up will only create greater momentum for each of us. Strength in numbers right?

What can we expect from Kill Collective in the near future? 

Besides a lot of good music, you can expect events, merch and video/short films. It’s all on the way.

What can we expect from you individually as we end 2019, and head into 2020? 

Sxint P has singles & an EP dropping before the year ends, and at the moment, i’ve got singles lined up for a couple months, and i may potentially put out a body of work before 2020 as well. Stay tuned!

Any last words? 

Enjoy ‘No Saving’. See you next week with ‘Valerie’

“No Saving” is avalible now on SoundCloud and while you’re there be sure to peep some of his previous work which can be found above. To learn more about him as an artist you can also checkout our last artist profile with him where we got in depth and learn more about who he is as an artist. If you want to stay up to date with him, and his music you can find him on Instagram. And to stay up to date with the Kill Collective the groups page here.

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